Home Automation Packages

Home automation is now an experience everyone can get their hands on, without blowing up their home budget. We have modularized our plans to provide you maximum flexibility, scalability and affordability. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to completely automate your home or just want to get the feel of smart living, you can pick a plan that suits your needs and get started.


The Starter Package
25,000 onwards
  • Home Controller
  • Control ON/OFF appliances
  • Dim light/fan
  • Smart scenes & schedules
  • Remote control
  • iOS/Android/Web app
  • Voice Control
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Touch-based control
50,000 onwards
  • Basic Plan features
  • More on/off controls
  • AC controls
  • AV controls
  • lock Integration
  • Touch control
  • Voice control
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App with branding+logo
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  • Premium Plan Features
  • White-labelled Interface
  • Customised Images
  • Video Intercom
  • iOS/Android/Web app
  • Online Support
  • Exclusive B2B Pricing
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No Rewiring Required
It’s upgradation to betterment, there is no need to touch your existing circuitry.

15 Minutes Installation
We won’t stay long at your place. Give us 15 minutes per device and it’ll be worth it.

You can turn on or off any device at a specific time.

Control from Anywhere
From anywhere around the globe, distance isn’t enough to keep your devices out of reach.

Set Up Moods
You deserve to play along with your mood-swings sometimes.
Rediscover your place by changing the ambience at your whim.