Zmote Wi-Fi Universal Remote

  • Compatible with all popular brands of TVs, Set-top boxes and ACs
  • Includes learning capability to mimic any remote controller
  • Connects over Wi-Fi
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zmote is a Wi-Fi connected IR blaster with learning and monitoring capabilities. You can use it as a universal remote by placing it in your living room and controlling all your gadgets (TV, STB, AVR, Media PC) from your phone or over the web using a regular browser. We support over 3000 remotes, so you will most likely find your devices already available to use with zmote.

zmote working principle

zmote also includes an IR Receiver so you can easily teach it to control devices not in the database.

Visit for more details. We also have a demo app for you to try out.

zmote does not require you to install an App to use, but it does work well with several popular third party apps, such as:

Smart TV Remote iRule Home Remote
Smart TV Remote iRule Home Remote
mbhRemote Touchsquid GR iLearn
mbhRemote openHAB iLearn

I have a Smart TV. I don’t really need one of these then, right?

zmote lets you control not just your TV, but also your Set-top Box, Blu-ray player, Xbox, Air-conditioner,… anything at that comes with an IR remote controller. In other words, zmote does a lot more than control just your TV.

Besides, most Smart TVs are not smart enough to wake themselves up when in standby. zmote can get around that, since it uses IR signals and works just as if you were standing in the room and pressing buttons on the OEM remote that came with your TV.

My phone has an IR blaster. Why would I buy one of these?

zmote has two advantages over a phone IR blaster. First, you don’t have to point your phone at the gadget — in fact you can be in another room, or for that matter, another continent. So long as the zmote remains connected, you’ll be able to control your gadgets with it, no matter where you are.

Second, zmote can be used by all members of your family, not just those that happen to have a phone with an IR blaster on it. If you happen to have an android phone, an iphone, a blackberry (remember those?), a tablet, a laptop, any device at all that can run a browser, zmote‘s functionality can be accessed: no special app or setup required.

How hard is this to set up?

It should take you less than 5 minutes to be up and running with zmote. If you have connected your phone to your home WiFi network, you already have all the skills you need. Take a look at our Setup Instructions.




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