ZMOTE Pro: 4-output 1-input IR Universal WiFi Remote for Home Automation (WF2IR)

  • 4 × independent IR output ports for connecting external IR emitters (3×) and 360° blaster (1×).
  • 1 × IR input port supports in-built IR receiver or option to connect external IR receiver.
  • Individual indicators for IR input/output operations.
  • IR extender functionality – continue to control concealed home theater equipment using original remote
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Equipment that require infrared remote control are ubiquitous even in this networked age. From televisions and set-top boxes, to home theater systems, to split air-conditioners, plenty of gadgets around the house are controlled, often can only be controlled using traditional IR remote controllers. To integrate such equipment into your home automation solution, you need a reliableflexible and cost-effective bridge controller: a device that can accepts commands over the network, whether from a custom touch panel controller or from a Smart Phone App, transform the commands into IR signals that the target equipment can undertand, and transmit such signals to the target equipment, precisely and accurately. In other words…

You need ZMOTE Pro.

We designed the ZMOTE Pro as a follow-on to our very successful first product, ZMOTE WiFi Universal Remote. We heard your feedback — from system integrators, professional installers, and D-I-Y enthusiasts — and built a product that matches the flexibility you demanded, the reliability you have come to expect, at a price we hope you will appreciate.


Box Contents

  • ZMOTE Pro
  • 3 × IR Emitter (1 meter)
  • Micro USB Power Cable
  • Quick Installation Guide


Our website has more information about the ZMOTE Pro. Or you can always just drop us a line. But in the meantime, here are answers to some questions we most often get asked.

Why would I buy the ZMOTE Pro instead of ZMOTE?

The ZMOTE is a combined WiFi blaster-cum-learner. It has 8 powerful IR LEDs and can easily cover all equipment placed in a single 15′×15′ room from any corner. For example, you can place it on a night stand beside your bed and control both your bedroom TV and air-conditioner. However, it needs the target eqipment to be visible. It’s IR output signal cannot cross walls or doors.

With ZMOTE Pro, on the other hand, you can wire its 4 IR outputs behind false walls and panels and reach the target equipment.

I am not sure I understand. Which one should I buy?

If you have to ask that question, the basic ZMOTE is probably the right product for you.

What sort of App do you provide?

ZMOTE can be controlled directly from a Web App without any need to download and install an App. Better yet, the Web App works everywhere &emdash; on a PC, Laptop, Chromebook, … &emdash; anything at all that runs a web browser.

But, if you do prefer an installed App, we have you covered. We provide a packaged Android App and a simpler personal app that covers most use cases with minimal complexity and fuss.

You may also want to try out some of the third-party apps such as AnyMote. In fact, we have an article on how to use AnyMote with ZMOTE (the same instruction will work for ZMOTE Pro as well). We also recommend Smart TV Remote and Home Remote.

How does Alexa integration work?

Please visit and follow the steps outlined to control ypu ZMOTE or ZMOTE Pro from Alex.a

How does Zipato/Fibaro integration work?

Look for instructions on how to integrate your system with a Global Cache or iTach device. The exact same instructions will work with ZMOTE and ZMOTE Pro as well.

How do I integrate with OpenHAB?

There is a binding available to integrate ZMOTE/ZMOTE Pro with OpenHAB.

Can it work with the insert name here system?

If a system supports any other IR Blaster, chances are it can be made to support ZMOTE/ZMOTE Pro as well. Write to us if you want us to check.

Does it support Ethernet?

Sorry, no. Both the ZMOTE and ZMOTE Pro can only be controlled over WiFi.




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